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Our Supplier Criteria

As Dalgıç Makine, we aim to work with the best suppliers in order to provide high quality products and services to our customers. We have certain criteria and standards in supplier selection, and we cooperate with suppliers that meet these criteria.

Quality and Innovation

It is important that our suppliers offer high quality products and constantly develop innovative solutions. The quality, durability and performance of the products must meet the expectations of Dalgıç Makine.


Reliability and Delivery Time

We expect our suppliers to deliver products on time in accordance with their promised delivery times. Building a reliable supply chain allows us to provide an uninterrupted service to our customers.


Competitive prices

We expect our suppliers to offer competitive prices and adopt a value-oriented pricing policy. Cost-effective products help us give our customers a competitive advantage.


Business Label and Sustainability

As Dalgıç Makine, we attach great importance to business ethics and sustainability principles. We expect our suppliers to act in accordance with business ethics, fulfill their environmental responsibilities and focus on sustainable production methods.

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